JABS - behind the screens

JABS - behind the screens

Age range: 15+ Anyone vaccinated

If ever a play was guaranteed to connect with everyone … its JABS. When “Three Men in A Bowtie” performer Sally Tonge retrained as an NHS vaccinator, she soon realised her Covid-19 vaccination pod was the smallest theatre in the world ... and the people stepping into it were pure comedy gold. JABS is a three-actor show full of affectionate laughs, a few gentle moments of poignancy, a smattering of songs and a touch of audience participation

Show times

Calendar Date & Time

Fri 11 March 2022, 7.30pm

Pin Location

The Talbot Theatre
SY13 2BY

North Shropshire

Phone Enquiries

01948 660660 / 07506 724572

Ticket Tickets

Adult: £10.00

Child: £6.00

Family: £30.00

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I am a wheelchair user and find it difficult to go to the theatre to enjoy a good film or take in a 'bit of Culture' now and again.Flicks in The Sticks brings a lot of joy to so many people who otherwise would miss out.

Sue Macdonald

Totally loved 'The boy who bit Picasso' It was so heartwarming, funny and made me nearly cry at the end! Totally inspired me and makes me want to make theatre!

Kate Johnston

I heard the Ensemble Sakhioba and want to say what an extraordinary experience it was. A really remarkable performance - thank you for bringing them to Shropshire and I'm glad you achieved a very full audience for them.


We are regular flicks goers and we would be lost without your service. I can't tell you how much your screenings mean to people like us


Living in 'the sticks' limits access to the larger cinemas, consequently Flicks is a lovely way of seeing fairly recent films, without the hassle of planning a journey beforehand. Long may it last.

Lesley and Chris Pimm-Jones

A really enjoyable experience. Friendly atomosphere and heart warming film (Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) Would love the chance to do it again. What a good idea for community spirit.

J L-Lakelin

Looking forward to showing films again this season. Like putting on a favourite winter coat!


I am 86 and I am a big fan of flicks. In the villages its lovely, the proper way to do it, have a glass of wine and a chat, its so much more than just a film


Flicks is the lynch pin for most of what goes on in our village


The Film shows give me a reason to leave the house

J Jones