The Fairy's Kiss

THURSDAY 18 JUNE, 2.30pm Arts [email protected] A curated bi – monthly series of performance work to enjoy at home, but experience collectively with others, joining together for a shared post show chat or response. Sit back, watch a matinee performance and join in the conversation after the show. The Fairy’s Kiss - a gorgeous one-act Sir Kenneth MacMillan ballet .The ballet is inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairytale 'The Ice Maiden', and was composed by Stravinsky in 1928. It’s quite a unique production because MacMillan’s original 1960 version for the Royal Opera House only ever had 33 performances. The last of which was in 1986. This is due to the fact that for a one-act ballet, it was too large to perform. The Fairy’s Kiss requires a full orchestra, a full company, and the original production also required a considerably large set. That made it difficult, near impossible, to perform any other works alongside it on the same evening. Thanks to an ingenious new design by Gary Harris, Scottish Ballet was able to revive the production in 2017 and capture it for online audiences. Beth Kingsley-Garner stars in one of the lead roles of this production. Email [email protected] to receive an invitation to the live post show conversation with Beth. Which will take place directly after the performance at 3.30pm


Starring Beth Kingsley-Garner
Duration 48 mins


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