Welcome to the Sticks (12a)

Director Dany Boon. French Comedy with English subtitles.

A charming film that broke nearly every box office record in France on its release. It tells the story of Philippe Abrams, a post office manager who is transferred to Northern France against his wishes, a fate described as "worse than being fired." Believing the stereotypes of the region as a dreary, rainy place filled with unsophisticated yokels, Phillipe soon encounters locals that challenge his prejudices and begin to win him over.

Starring Philippe Duquesne, Michel Galabru, Kad Merad, Dany Boon, Zoé Félix

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Applause at the end. Lots of laughter on a grey January night. Perfect.

All our audience enjoyed this light-hearted comedy. There was quite a lot of laughter.