Amazing Grace (2018) (U)

Director Sydney Pollack, Alan Elliott

Shot in 1972, but not finished until 2018 because of a major technical problem, this documents the making of the best-selling Gospel album of all time that Aretha Franklin recorded live at the New Bethel Baptist Church in L.A. There’s an absolutely electrifying sense of witnessing music being created with the rapport between the Gospel choir, Aretha and all the musicians that makes you want to applaud like you are in the back of the church. With Aretha in her prime this is quite simply one of the finest music documentaries ever made. Guaranteed to send you home with a smile on your face.


Starring Aretha Franklin, Reverend James Cleveland, South Carolina Community Choir
Duration 89 mins

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

One or two people said they didn't enjoy the style of singing but others knew what to expect and loved it. Wonderful singing by a huge personality. Her relationship with her family , the choir and congregation was deeply moving.

A good film about Aretha Franklin, stunning voice, well worth watching. Its amazing to see how far camera quality has come over the years. Do see it if you appreciate her music.

Historically fascinating.

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