The Keeper (15)

Director Marcus H. Rosenmüller. Biography/Sport/Drama/Romance

THE KEEPER tells the extraordinary love story between a young English woman and a German Prisoner of War, who together overcome prejudice, public hostility, and personal tragedy.

Starring David Kross, Freya Mavor, John Henshaw, Harry Melling, Michael Socha, Dave Johns

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

This is a true story about a German paratrooper interned in Northern England after WW2 who became a renowned professional footballer. It is NOT a sports bio-pic. It is a story of prejudice, love, forgiveness, redemption and acceptance. Utterly engrossing and engaging. One of our highest rated showings. As might be expected from the footballing fraternity there is plenty of effing and blinding but also plenty of humour.

True story, very well told and very moving. Reccommended

An excellent film, moving and heart warming.

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