Journey's End (12a)

Director Saul Dibb. War/Drama

Based on RC Sherriff's play and novel of the same name JOURNEY'S END is set in March 1918 as C-Company, led by a war-weary Captain Stanhope arrives in northern France to take its turn in the front-line trenches. Told that a German offensive is imminent Stanhope drowns his fears in whisky whilst the officers and their cook attempt to distract themselves in their dugout with talk of food and life before war. They are joined by Raleigh, a young new officer fresh out of training excited about his first real posting, and a chance to serve under Stanhope. Raleigh's naivety serves as a stark contrast to the other men's impending fear as the tension rises and the attack draws ever closer.

Starring Sam Claflin, Paul Bettany, Asa Butterfield

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Extremely powerful, even on second viewing. Managed to convert the horrors of WW1 with intimacy and without sentimentality. Extraordinary evocation of life in the trenches and the expectations laid on both officers and regular troops. People were moved and very impressed by this film, shown 2 days before the centenary of Armistice Day.

Brilliant, tense film, horrors of the trenches. There’s no blood or gore, the tension and the psychological dread builds throughout the film. Definitely recommend.

Very harrowing film, as one would anticipate. However, it was a very moving well acted film that appeared to be appreciated by the audience.

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