Stories from the Hop Yards (U)

A Catcher Media project

From the makers of “Chewing The Cud: Memories from Hereford’s old livestock market” comes a brand-new heritage film about the glorious traditions of hop picking in the county. With their distinctive aroma and connections to beer and the turning of the seasons, this film mixes archive photographs, films and newly recorded oral history interviews from farmers, traders, pickers and brewers. With the renaissance of interest in hops, we listen to stories of days past and present from Herefordians, people from South Wales, the Black Country, Polish migrant workers and Gypsy Roma travellers. This film is a part of the ‘Herefordshire Life Through A Lens’ project.

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

A fascinating insight into hop making and what Leominster looked like in the past

Audience came both from the village and surrounding area and from as far as Tenbury and Hereford to see this locally made documentary. Thoroughly enjoyed, even though this is not primarily a hop-growing area. 2 members of Catcher Media came along to introduce and to answer questions afterwards. Comments: Wonderful; thank you for a little bit of nostalgia.

Well worth showing. Considerable local interest. Very well made.

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