In Between (15)

Director Maysaloun Hamoud. Drama

When devout university student Nour moves in with successful lawyer Laila and club DJ Salma, she is shocked by their partying. As Laila fights to retain her freedom in the face of a new relationship, Salma falls for beautiful trainee doctor Dounia, a romance she must hide from her family. Nour is set for an arranged marriage to Wissam, an exemplary member of the community, who may not be as respectable as he appears. "Beautifully shot with a great soundtrack and three characters you'll want to remain friends with."

Starring Mouna Hawa, Sana Jammelieh, Shaden Kanboura,

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Quite hard hitting film that left people wondering whether it was despairing or hopeful... so provoked interesting discussions

A difficult film to show in a Village Hall setting as it covers a lot of challenging issues and left our audience with a lot to think about. Most people left in a positive frame of mind. "Thought provoking, a film that lived up to its title. The three flat mates were all 'In Between' different issues in their lives - relationships, religion, modern and traditional values. It was sensitively filmed." No problem with sub-titles though.

Initiated a lot of post film conversations. Vibrant film, three women caught between extremes, the drugs and parties and the repression, trying to be independent and fulfilled, up against the wall of traditions and hypocrisies. A slice of life not seen. Response from audience seemed mostly positive. One left half way. Just need audience to be aware that there’s a high level of hard partying/ swearing and sexual violence in one scene but not gratuitous.

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