Undertaking Betty (15)

Director Nick Hurran. Comedy/Romance. A Flicks Favourite.

This devilish, offbeat comedy finds Betty (Brenda Blethyn) stuck in a marriage that's killing her. She decides that the only way to break from her two-timing scoundrel of a husband is to fake her own death. So, with the help of her rekindled old flame, the local undertaker (Alfred Molina), a quiet funeral is arranged, right down to the smallest detail. But nothing goes as planned when a flamboyant competing funeral director (Christopher Walken) jumps in, determined to give Betty a send-off no one will ever forget ... An all-star cast including Jerry Springer, Miriam Margolyes and Lee Evans show that even the funeral business isn't always grave!

Starring Brenda Blethyn, Alfred Molina, Christopher Walken, Naomi Watts and Lee Evans

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

The 80th film we have shown at Pencombe and really one of the best. We all laughed and laughed. A really good cast led by Brenda Blethyn. Ridiculous, happy, sad and above all funny. You need to show Undertaking Betty at your Flicks!

Despite a good cast this film is not particularly well known so greatly and pleasantly surprised at the excellent turnout. Lots of laughter and very well received by all - A great hit with our senior audience.

Brilliant film. Very funny, puts a whole new meaning on funerals!!

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