Lady Macbeth (15)

Director William Oldroyd. Drama

When a young woman is bought, married off and oppressed by an older man, her sanity slowly starts to unwind. Taking comfort in the arms of the stable boy sets off a chain of events as unstoppable as they are tragic.

Starring Florence Pugh, Christopher Fairbank, Cosmo Jarvis

Flicks Advisor (comments from our film promoters)

Well made and acted production - a very dark film which is disturbing in its graphic representation of murder including that of a child and the killing of a horse. Very quiet film leaving long spaces for thought and reflection. The film ends silently with a lengthy shot of the lead sitting still on a sofa. After a period of black screen the credits roll silently to their conclusion. Audience comments included: - I'm glad that's over. - I'm glad I came as I wouldn't have chosen to see this if it wasn't at the hall. - That cheered me up (sarcastic). - What was that all about?

Sadly this film didn't attract a big audience, perhaps lacking the more obvious box office appeal of the big studios' block busters. It was certainly dark and somewhat bleak. For those who did watch it it was hard to remain unaffected by the situation the heroine/anti-heroine Katherine found herself in and the inevitable outcome. Our audience were keen to discuss the ambiguous ending *spoiler alert* - would Katherine protect or kill her unborn child? A beautifully crafted film and the director deserves the critical acclaim he has received; each shot beautifully framed, atmospheric and sparsely beautiful. The absence of a musical soundtrack was most welcome.